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If you want to recover, discover, and bounce back into a better than ever life after divorce, you are at the right place.

Why have a Divorce Resilience Coach?

  1. A coach helps you look forward and move toward growing, building or creating something new.
  2. A Divorce Resilience Coach listens to and helps you to focus on the present.
  3. A coach listens to you on three different levels to hear what is important to you.
  4. I don’t know about you but most of my life I never felt heard: a coach creates a time and space for you to be heard.
  5. A coach is your equal.  You are the expert of you.  The coach is the expert of the coaching process.
  6. A coach is always in your corner.
  7. A coach will tell you the truth, that sometimes is funny, sometimes difficult, and sometimes is what you need.
  8. A coach will help you take the action you are ready to take, to get what you want.

Friedrich Nietzschze says this: “He who has a why to live, can bear almost any how.”

If you were like me, it is time to find a new WHY after the divorce.  If you are in the thick of the emotions and the transitions of divorce we can work together to create a road map to navigate through this time.  And together we can build your support team and your self-care during this time of transition.

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I help my clients identify who they were in the marriage; what they want to take from that; and how they might want to transform.  We look at their strengths, competencies, and confidence to see what areas needs fortifying or amplifying.

We discover and come up with strategies and tactics to deal with left over challenges from the divorce; beliefs; self-doubt, former spouse or parenting issues.

We delve into self-care as a part of the wealth care of life and create new habits and routines as wanted.

As we go along we update any habit, belief, or pattern that you want to take into a new relationship.

And lastly do they want to make a great and lasting contribution to the world.  This looks like raising emotionally healthy children; co-parenting well; going back to school; starting a business or non-profit; or something totally different.

And at the end of the day they are relaxed knowing the past doesn’t control them; that they are strong to handle what happens in the day; and that they are becoming their best selves for them and their family.


  1. Step one is an assessment during which we set goals and milestones.
  2. Step two we identify any obstacles or barriers to success and inventory our strengths.
  3. Step three we create a strategic plan that addresses the barriers, leverages the assets, and includes tactical actions and a timeline to achieve the goals.
  4. Step four is simply the implementation phase that sees the project through to it conclusion, correcting as we go along.
  5. Step five is the celebration step, when we mark the achievement of those goals and What is Next?

This Program helps you learn how to soar again

  1. Support for who they are and who they are becoming
  2. Opportunity to learn from the past to move into a fresh future
  3. Actions to create new habits, routines, or patterns that moves you towards your goal
  4. Resilience to be able to bounce back from any situation with powerful tools


SoulCollage® – A fun self-discovery process which helps with making changes or transitions in your life. The card you create often times reveals aspects to focus on or something learn about.  Visit my meetup site to see more offerings http://www.meetup.com/collage-105/
$45-$75 (price differs with workshop length)


Resilience Reiki Program – Six week program integrating Coaching with Reiki designed for an urgent and specific goal that creates a map for you to discover “Your Best Year Yet.”  It happens in three 90 minute sessions, weekly email support, and 2-10 minute follow up calls.   $597

Discovery & Design – 2 Hour Coaching Session – clarify aspects of your life that need updating so you can reach a specific goal. For go-getters who are aware of an issue and ready to design a plan to get to the other side. $249

Reiki – Promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and renewal by working with the energy of the body, mind, and soul.
90 minute session for $90: Includes healing attunement, personalized healing affirmation, and Reiki session.


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  • I had the good fortune to work with Kym Cumbo as my coach for several months, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.  She brings a grounded, intuitive and supportive presence to her expert coaching which helped me focus, design and create what I want in my life.  Working with Kym has been an invaluable source of support in helping me stay true to myself while achieving both personal and professional goals. Patricia Eslava Vessey- Coaching

  • I found Kym’s SYNERGY coaching, which utilizes SOULCOLLAGE® imagery in coaching, to be extremely helpful in breaking through an emotional block and giving me insight around a big decision. It allowed me to access my own answers in a creative and meaningful way, and Kym’s powerful coaching then helped me anchor and build on my own insights. She is offering something truly unique! Debbie W.- Coaching

  • My experience with Kym as coach is that she provided me with an amazing and supportive strength. Kym is professional, personable; bringing a safe environment and steadiness that allows the client the freedom to go where they need to go. Kym intuitively stood beside me to ask the exact questions at the exact time that allowed me to bring about the changes I wanted. Kym is a very special coach and I highly recommend her. Denise H.- Coaching

  • Kym’s coaching was very valuable to me: she has a unique way of creating an open, authentic and safe environment that encouraged me to delve into deeper learning and insight. I came away from our sessions with increased awareness of what I want and what I am doing or not doing to achieve what I want. The tools I gained I can apply to my life daily. Karen M.- Coaching

  •  This was an excellent introduction to SoulCollage.  Kym created a fun and open space.  I loved creating my first card  ~ Karen M.- Soul Collage

  •  Kim Cumbo as a facilitator of this group made me feel very welcome in her home and encouraging about the process. She possesses a calmness and intention that is quite wonderful. Jeanne S.- Soul Collage

    1. Kym delighted us with sharing her SoulCollage technique at a one day sharing day we held at our home on May 18, this last spring. We had about 70 people there that day.  She was very clear with her demonstration and directions on “how to,” and had so many wonderful SoulCollage cards she had made to inspire us. She had a handout for us to follow and a wonderful selection of photos to choose from.  Her style of teaching appealed to many people—very directive to those that wanted that and very open and flexible about directions we could go with our soul collage. She encouraged open-mindedness and creativity. It was just fun and easy, yet we ended up with a valuable, meaningful collage. Everyone presented their collage at the end and you could just see how excited everyone was about their creation. I was amazed at the breadth and depth we all were able to go in a shore period of time. What a way to do art.
    – Kathy Masarie, M.D.  http://www.family-empower.com- SOULCOLLAGE®

  • I recently had the opportunity to take a 4 hour workshop on SoulCollage from Kym and was impressed by her relaxed confidence and natural ease in teaching. She provided just the right amount of structure and freedom to allow us a framework within which to learn and also the room to explore and create on our own. I observed as she helped one of the other students who was stuck; she offered a grounding re-orientation (i.e. "Take a deep breath!") to help the student center and tune into her own intuitive guidance, and then suggested she pick just a few images to focus on. This was exactly what the student needed to move forward. Kym was present and available when needed without "hovering" - in short, she acted as a true facilitator. Kym was well prepared, providing each participant with a folder with written materials about the process, space to write notes during the writing exercises, and - of course - a nametag. She brought plenty of supplies, including a generous supply of rich imagery to use in our cards, as well as all the requisite cutting and gluing supplies. She even set up a small altar in the corner with grapes and chocolate! Altogether, the class flowed beautifully and was an impeccable experience. I would highly recommend Kym to you as a teacher and facilitator. Sincerely, Emma McCreary, Acorn Host- Facilitator/Speaker/Teacher


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