For the FUN of IT: Laughter Yoga

How to invite joy, happiness, health, and love into your life?  Laughter Yoga

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What is Laughter Yoga? Laughter yoga is a unique concept, where anyone can laugh for exercise or social connection, without the use of humor, jokes, or comedy.  We call it Laughing for No Reason.  Laughter yoga is Fun, not funny; child-like, but not childish; and playful, not silly.

  • In LY we initiate this laughter as exercise in a group, but with eye contact and youthful playfulness, it soon becomes real, spontaneous, contagious laughter.

What is the yoga part of Laughter Yoga?  We combine laughter exercises with yogic breathing exercises, pranayama, which allows us to bring much more 02 into the brain and body.  Making us feel healthier and much more energetic.

The Concept is based on scientific studies that show the body can’t tell the difference between real or fake laughter.  You get the same physiological and psychological benefits.

Laughter Yoga was started in 1995 by a medical doctor, Mandan kataria, in a local park with 5 people in Mumbai India.  There are now thousands of laughter yoga clubs all around the world in more than 65 countries.

Why do laughter yoga instead of watching comedy or a comedian?  When you watch a comedian or something funny on your screen, you may laugh for a few seconds here and there, but in LY club you get to laugh for a sustained period of time; which is what you need in order to get the scientifically proven health benefits of LY.

You need to laugh for 10,15, 20 minutes to get the full health benefits; and you will in a class.

What are some of these benefits? Health benefits boosts immune system, increases oxygen intake, releases the feel good hormones of serotonin and endorphins, it reduces blood pressure, and LY also reduces the cortisol level the stress hormones in the body; and it increases emotional health.  And in order to get all these benefits you need to laugh heartily from the diaphragm, it needs to be a loud, a full belly laugh (demonstrate).  Best place, is in a Laughter yoga club, LY class, workplace session where you are all laughing together.

The Best Reason: Natural laughter happens periodically throughout the day: laugh at what someone says, at a situation, or if you are lucky you can laugh at yourself, not for 15 minutes and this is the best reason to get yourself to a Laughter Yoga club or have a laughter yoga professional come to your group or place of work.

Four basic steps of Laughter Yoga:

  1. Clapping and chanting or singing
  2. LY breathing
  3. Child like playfulness
  4. Laughter yoga exercises

Thank You Robert Rivest for the easy to understand description of Laughter Yoga above

Resources  My meetup group (international Dr. Kataria)

Youtube: type in laughter yoga and you’ll find hundreds of videos to laugh along to.  Check out this YouTube Video: “I don’t feel like laughing” by Dr. Kataria it is amazing.

“When you laugh, you change,

and when you change, the whole world changes.”

 ~ Madan Kataria

Laughter is good medicine