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Blaze a New Path Coaching Program
Six month program with twelve 45 minute bi-weekly sessions (in person or virtual) that support you as you find, design, and create a new life moving past limitations and obstacles to what you choose to claim.

Resilience Reiki Program: An Intensive Program
Resilience is important when you are undergoing or recovering from the stress of any number of life changing events. The Resilience Reiki Program, three session in a four week period, takes the best of Coaching and blends it with Reiki to create a distinct process that moves you forward, deepens your learning, and promotes the healing of the issues or physical issues that you live with. Resilience helps you build a stronger, smoother, life that you love to live and have your best year yet!

Discovery & Design – 2 Hour Coaching Session
Clarify aspects of your life that need updating so you can reach a specific goal. For go-getters who are aware of an issue and ready to design a plan to get to the other side.