What is SoulCollage®?                 

You use your imagination and intuition discerning the magic of meaning to clarify focus and create your desires.

SoulCollage® creates meaning through images and then breathes life and voice into the card to ‘speak,’ revealing itself and the knowledge it contains about you.

  • SoulCollage® nurtures your soul with your own Imagination and Intuition.
  • SoulCollage® makes your own personal statement.
  • SoulCollage® brings out your inner child to play and ponder.

Choose from either a 4 hour session or a 2 hour session:  VERY SOON YOU WILL CLASSES TO CHOOSE FROM, not yet.


This was an excellent introduction to SoulCollage®.  Kym created a fun and open space.  ~KAREN M.– SOULCOLLAGE®

Kym Cumbo as a facilitator of this group made me feel very welcome and encouraging about the process. She possesses a calmness and intention that is quite wonderful. ~JEANNE S.– SOULCOLLAGE®

Kym delighted us with sharing SoulCollage® at a one day sharing day we held last Spring with about 70 people.  Her style of teaching appealed to many people—she encouraged open-mindedness and creativity. It was just fun and easy, yet we ended up with a valuable, meaningful collage. Everyone presented their collage at the end and you could just see how excited everyone was about their creation. I was amazed at the breadth and depth we all were able to go in a shore period of time. ~KATHY MASARIE, M.D.  HTTP://WWW.FAMILY-EMPOWER.COM– SOULCOLLAGE®

I recently had the opportunity to take a 4 hour workshop onSoulCollage® from Kym and was impressed with her expertise, by her relaxed confidence and natural ease in teaching. She provided just the right amount of structure and freedom to allow us a framework within which to learn and also the room to explore and create on our own. The class flowed beautifully and was an impeccable experience. I would highly recommend Kym to you as a teacher and facilitator. Sincerely,~EMMA MCCREARY, ACORN HOST- FACILITATOR/SPEAKER/TEACHER

What I liked about Kym’s Soulcollage® workshop is that it led me in a symbolic way into the purpose of my soul. Kym was clear in her instructions and shared her openness to the journey we are all on. Her sense of play and adventure inspired me to create something beautiful to remind me of my purpose. I heartily recommend Kym’s workshops as a way of connecting meaningfully to our life journey. ~REVEREND BILLIE

The SoulCollage® Slogan…
”Discover your wisdom, Change your world.” 

You are invited to attend the meetup:
www.meetup.com/collage-105 for SoulCollage®, Mondala Vision, and Origami Wisdom.

SoulCollage® possibilities: Choose themed workshops for Life Events such as:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Baby Shower
  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Private one on one session
  • Group setting of your own desige
  • Integrated into a workshop

We can work together in person, by phone, or on Skype.

Choose from either a 4 hour session or a 2 hour session:



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